Insurance for Shops


Insurance for Shops

Well, whether you are a small or large business your shop insurance needs to be a fairly comprehensive policy with varied options for you to choose from. Because each business has different requirements we have negotiated with several leading insurance companies to provide shop cover at competitive costs and a Quote and Buy online facility for you to obtain quick quotes and terms.The shop insurance policy can cover the following insurances as a combined arrangement.

Shop Insurance

  • Building Insurance
  • Tenants Alterations
  • Subsidence Insurance
  • Buildings that may have a preservation order
  • Business records to be insured
  • Contents Insurance
  • Laptop and Portable Equipment
  • Computer Equipment Insurance
  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Money
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Book Debts
  • Terrorism Cover Insurance
  • Legal Protection Insurance
  • Public & Employers Liability Insurance

The list need not end with the above types of shop insurance covers and you do need to check that the policy reacts to the type of cover your business requires.Most shop insurances are based on UK operations only with some facilities for employees who may visit different countries or work away from their shop, particularly where the Public liability insurance and Employers liability insurance covers are concerned.You would also need to be sure and make a declaration on the following information before purchasing your shop insurance online as costs and quotes have been based on you being able to confirm the statements set out on the shop quote and buy system.

  • No premise to be insured is vacant.
  • The proposer is the sole occupant of all premises to be insured or shares the premises only with shops or private dwellings.
  • The portion of any building occupied by the proposer can be separately locked to prevent access.
  • Every premise to be insured is constructed of brick, stone, or concrete, roofed with slate, concrete, tile, metal, or asbestos, with no more than 10% of other materials.
  • No proposer, director, partner or family member involved with the business has ever had a proposal declined, renewal refused, insurance cancelled or special terms applied.
  • No proposer, director, partner or family member involved with the business has ever been convicted of or charged (but not yet tried) or been given an Official Police Caution in respect of any criminal offence other than a motoring offence.
  • No proposer, director, partner or family member involved with the business has ever:
  • Been declared bankrupt or insolvent
  • Been the subject of a County Court Judgement, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, a Company Voluntary Arrangement or a Sheriff Court Decree or been disqualified from being a company director.


What is shop insurance business interruption cover?

Business interruption insurance covers loss of income should a business suffer a disaster, for example, if your shop burned down to the ground.If you only cover the ‘property’ under your shop insurance with no business interruption the insurance you have taken out will only respond to the physical damage to the business. What the business interruption insurance cover will offer under the combined shop policy is the profits the business would have made if it had been able to trade normally. The following areas could be claimed on if you had included business interruption insurance when purchasing your shop combined insurance policy:

  • Fixed costs – based on historical figures
  • Cost for temporary re-location to get the business up and running again
  • Profits that could have been earned in normal trading (based on previous financial records)
  • Expenses – that may have been occurred beyond any fixed costs

For advice on your shop policy requirements please call Professional Insurance Agents Ltd on 01323 648000We can discuss both UK operations and companies that trade in other countries, particularly if they have staff working abroad. We would need to look at offering other additional covers as “add ins” to the standard shop insurance combined covers, commercial travel, kidnap and ransom, legal protection and worldwide cover.We think that we can offer comprehensive shop insurance covers at the right price and costs.


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